Sameer Art & Craft Blog Latest Products Thu, 13 Jun 2024 02:09:19 +0530 en-us Bezel Connectors Tue, 24 Feb 2015 15:02:18 +0530 925 Sterling Silver Bezel Connectors studded with faceted semi-precious gemstones and Quartz. We are wholesale supplier of these kind bezel connectors in more than 100 kind of gemstones varieties. We use Plain stones , faceted stones , checker cut stones , free size stones , calibrated size gemstones , hydro quartz , natural quartz , reconstructed stones , natural gemstone                         s , semi-precious gemstones Hindu Rosary Beads Tue, 30 Jun 2015 11:31:51 +0530 Often known as Beads of Faith, these Beaded Rosary Chains hold a very significant place in almost every religion, be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam or Christianity. These auspicious strings of beads are used to keep a count while in a ritualistic practice of reciting, chanting or mentally repeating a prayer or mantra in the names of deity.Rosaries commonly known as ‘japa mala’ or ‘mala’ are used by Hindu devotees throughout India. Every bazaar of any size features indigenous number of <a href=""><b>Beaded Rosary Chain Suppliers</b></a> and Merchants displaying variety of rosaries either hung up or spread out on ground cloth.Attributes of a Hindu Beaded Rosary Chain:   Number of beads - The two main branches of modern Hinduism—Shaivism and Vishnuism—employ different types of prayer beads. Shaivites, the devotees of God Shiva carries a string of 32 or 64 rudraksha beads but a common Vaishnavite , the devotee of God Vishnu , carries a rosary chain of 108 beads.   Material Used For Hindu Rosary Beads - Different religions uses different material for making rosary beads. Coming from the vegetable world are seeds, berries, fruits, nuts, drupes, dried plant stems and woods. From the animal kingdom come bone, ivory, horn, coral shells and pearls ;and from mineral sources come glass, semiprecious or precious stones and metals.   Property associated to each material used in your Rosary – There is no uniformity in material used in the rosary beads throughout India. Each material embodies a peculiar property. For instance, Silver and gold fulfil wishes, Coral brings wealth; Crystal, good luck; pearls, glory; and a shell helps to achieve fame. Also devotees hold a belief that use of materials associated to a concerned Hindu Deity can please them more. Make your prayers extra special by making your own Rosary chains with easy DIY tips available on internet for a rewarding spiritual experience. Also one can go and buy these auspicious beads from the local Beaded Rosary Chain Suppliers in India .2.  Silver Jewellery: Not Always Second! Whenever we talk of jewellery metals, silver has always got the second position after gold. Even when it’s about awarding ceremonies, gold medal is given to the winner and silver to the runner-up. But does it always have to be that ways? Just because gold is rarer and thus, pricier, does it have to be the it-thing in terms of fashion and jewellery as well? I don’t think so! What constitutes style has got nothing to do with what’s expensive. It is hence that Silver Jewellery has been gaining popularity as a contemporary option. And here are some reasons for why it deserves to not always be second! Its lustre outshines that of gold: Sterling silver, the most popular variant used for making jewellery is known for its shine and looks almost like platinum. Lately, a lot of designers have been coming up with necklaces, rings and earrings made of this metal and the response from customers has also been encouraging.   More adaptable to casual and formal wear: While gold jewellery looks good only with formal outfits, silver ornaments can go with both formal and casual attires. Oxidized options with no lustre go well with casual jeans and tops, while the shinier Silver Jewellery can be worn on special occasions to add a touch of bling. <a href=""><b>Silver Gemstone Jewellery</b></a> in Rajasthan has become very popular as now it can be worn as a daily wear accessory. Suits all skin tones: When going for Silver Jewellery, you need to worry about your skin tone. Whether you are dark, whitish, fair or any other skin tone, silver is always going to suit you. With so many factors working in the favour of Silver Jewellery and an added advantage of its reasonable price, it finds the top position in my list of stylish accessories and I am sure after reading this blog, it would be the same for you! Learn The Art Of Making Gemstone Bezels Thu, 17 Sep 2015 14:51:36 +0530 You must have observed various Bezel accessories like rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants. What if we told you making a Gemstone Bezel is as easy as buying one? We know the prospect is thrilling as well as challenging and if you follow the below mentioned steps, we guarantee you will become a master at making beautiful Bezel Jewellery, which you can keep for yourself or gift to a loved one. Let’s Start!List Of Required Things Back: Open or Closed Wall: Gemstones Super Glue Wipes or a cloth A mild cleaner Nose flat pliers Paint brush   Step One: Choose The BackA Bezel has two parts a back and a wall. The back is the support on which the wall i.e. the gemstone is glued. As per requirements, you can get an open back that is hollow or a solid back. An open back is lighter and you can glue two gemstones back to back, the gemstones can be of same or different colours. However, a Bezel with a solid back is more durable. Make sure the gemstone is 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch higher to create a cup. Step Two: Choose The StonesOnce you are sure which type of back you want, it is time to select the gemstone(s). A variety of gemstones are available in the market and you can buy the ones that meet your requirement the best. As in, they are of same size as the back.Step Three: Glue Them Together!The next step is to get super glue that is effective on all surfaces. It will help you have flat nose pliers so that, your hands do not get messy with glue while positioning the gemstone(s) on the back. You can apply glue to the surface with a paint brush for equal distribution.Step Four: Let It DryCompress the parts together gently and leave them to dry.Step Four: CleanGive final finishing touches by wiping the piece with cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Once the finish is done you will have your very own <a href=""><b>Gemstone Bezels</b></a>!By following the above steps you can make Gemstone Connectors Sets, pendants or rings. You can start a small business by becoming a Druzy Bezels Exporter and Supplier. The best way to gets noticed will be to register online on business-to-business portals that let you make a profile for free. So, what are you waiting for get started now! Semi Precious Pendants: The Accessories To Go For Thu, 17 Sep 2015 15:01:31 +0530 Semi Precious Pendants popularly known as Silver Gemstone Pendants in India are great accessories if you are planning to make a style impact. Whether you wish to make a bold statement or a subtle one, using pendants as a medium is a great option. Other advantages of wearing pendants are listed as follows:Variety Is the Spice of LifeA vast variety of <a href=""><b>Semi Precious Pendants</b></a> is available in market. The pendants come in various unique designs, styles, eye-catching patterns, vibrant colours, sizes and shapes. Whether you wish to wear them to a party or to office, you can get a Semi Precious Pendant as per requirement. Look At MeUnlike a gemstone studded ring or bracelet, a pendant is notable even from afar. They are great for attracting attention. Since, people tend to notice accessories on face and neck, your pendants will be not going unnoticed. Keeps CleanPendants are great accessories as they do not get dirty easily. For example bangles, rings etc. can accidently get dirty by food or other materials. Since, pendants are places securely at the neck they remain clean.Remains IntactSemi Precious Pendants are placed on the neck therefore, away from surfaces. Rings, bangles, bracelets etc. are easily scratched and subjected to wear, as they come in contact with rough surfaces like tables, walls among others frequently. Cheap Is The WordBelieve it or not Semi Precious Pendants are not that expensive. They look classy and very elegant, and you can buy them at very economical prices. All you need to do is find reliable Semi Precious Pendants Suppliers who make them available at market leading prices. Now you know the various advantages of owing Semi Precious Pendants. So, what are you waiting for! Get one or as many as you like. They can be worn to any occasion from parties to festive celebrations. And we guarantee they will get you several compliments. You can buy them online on e-commerce websites to save time and get great deals.